Time is running out! Please help us to save Kendal!

January 12, 2020
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As surveyors and contractors move in to start work, we’re still doing everything we can to save Kendal - but we can’t do it without you!

We need your help right now!

We have been overwhelmed by the daily stream of comments and messages on our social media channels and on the petition calling for a Pause, Review & Rethink! 

With an incredible 3,700 signatures and counting, we need to get your cries-for-help in front of the powers-that-be.

Will you pledge to give a few minutes of your time over the next few days to write to the leader of the South Lakeland District Council?
Mr Giles Archibald: g.archibald@southlakeland.gov.uk

If you BCC your email to Save The Heart of Kendal, we can keep it on record: kendal@saveourrivers.org

Tell him your concerns, your asks, your thoughts and your fears. Tell him exactly how you feel from the bottom of your heart, and we will thank you from the bottom of ours.

Yours gratefully
Save The Heart of Kendal

martin mason
I have written twice recently to save our rivers but no response. Why?
My comments on the Kendal Flood Scheme were briefly:
If walls have to be put up in Kendal why don’t they put them away from the river’s edge? This would avoid them having to cut the trees down.
On Aynam Road they could put the walls at the edge of the pavement nearest to the road. Please get them to ask a builder if it is possible. It will be better foundations than on the edge of the riverbank!
Michael Forrest
This initiative is to draw attention to and to facilitate communication of your opinions about the destruction of the remaining natural habitat lining the banks of the River Kent running through the heart of Kendal.
The current lockdown restrictions have highlighted how crucial these habitats are to the general well-being of everyone fortunate to live or work in this beautiful town. Kingfishers and otters are increasingly a common sight amongst the soon to be felled blossoming trees lining the beating heart of Kendal.
Unfortunately our local politicians and officials appear to be sleepwalking into accepting the current plans of the Environment Agency as the only solution.
A ‘solution’ that the EA themselves admit will NOT prevent another Storm Dennis flooding disaster BUT will in the opinion of nearly 7000 concerned residents and lovers of Kendal permanently scar and divide the town with a heavy engineering designed concrete wall with token glass viewing panels.
The trumpeting of ‘planting more trees than they fell’ is of little consequence aesthetically, for water retention or securing banks as all the trees are being planted well away from the river and the town and will not be visible to 99% of residents.

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