Save Glen Etive – A final chance to halt the hydro

February 26, 2019
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Last week all 7 hydro schemes in Glen Etive were approved for planning permission. There's a final chance to stop these schemes, thanks to a motion tabled by Cllr Andrew Baxter.


Andrew Gibson
I hope the ghosts of Dierdre of the sorrows and Rob Roy haunt the developers and all those responsible for the proposed desecration of this stunning Highland glen I mean what will be next , the glen Nevis gorge , glen torridon , Glencoe , it beggars belief !
Olivia West
Once these wild places are destroyed and altered, they can never return to the way they were. Renewable energy is also important, but maybe development should stay where development has already occurred. Maybe we should change the way we hold ourselves in the world and focus on using only what we need, and cutting down consumerism instead. Glen Etive is one of the most beautiful places I’ve had the gift of experiencing. Please don’t change it.
The beauty of the highlands is the fact it has not been developed on for centuries. Renewables energy needs to be taken else where and to leave parts of our olanet untouched.
Graham Nevett
Glen Etive is such a special place and it would be good to keep it so for future generations.
Emma Johnson
Glen Etive has always felt like I’m going back home, land that is so vast, wild untamed with its majestic mountains!
It’s disgusting & a crime to even think about development in such an outstanding area of beauty!!
Glen Etive is one of the most wild and beautiful places I have visited. To seek to tarnish its splendour with such plans is beyond comprehension.
Richard Bailey
What on Earth is wrong with those persons who cannot see the value of the wild country in their care? Are they blind? Or are they greedy? Certainly, they are insensitive to all our needs for wildness.
Dig up and/or permanently block the road in addition to cancelling the construction of these hydros. The use of glen etive as a campsite/toilet for anyone (and everyone apparently) visiting glen coe has to stop. Protesting the construction of renewables for wildness while allowing people to drive there and crap all over the place doesn’t make much sense.
Alexander Pozyczka
Such a short sighted proposal. Leave these wild areas intact and untouched so that future generations can enjoy them otherwise there will be nothing left to enjoy. Don’t allow a few individuals to exploit them for profit, it’s criminal!!
William watson
Leave this amazing l place alone please
Andy Teasdale
You can’t do this. This valley is beautiful and should not be changed in any way. Do not build any hydro schemes on the Etive, please!
david alun wright
Why destroy the last remaining beauty in the world for the grabbing of money.
Laura Klimaszewski
Why flood an area of outstanding beauty? Money-shame on that plan!!!
#Fuckdams keep our water ways natural.
Glen Etive is beautiful. There are better places to situate hydro schemes.
Michael Richter
Nature is a gift. We al should Love.
Eddie Brennan
HI. A long lost of councillors. Is there a means to mass email them?
Alex Barrow
Glen etive is a beautiful untouched part of the highlands which much of the surrounding area relys on for income from tourists. I believe that the relatively small power output from the dam would be nowhere near enough to justify the destruction of one of Scotland’s most beautiful glens as well as the significant affect it would have on the tourist industry in the local area. Furthermore the dam would only benefit the few people involved in the construction of the dam whilst negatively impacting thousands of other people who live in or visit the area.
Jessica Bell
The Highlands are one of the most spectacular in the world because of the wild, untouched nature of the place. To even consider deveopment within this area is a crime.
Steven Barrow
Keep wild places wild.
Glen Etive is one of the most beautiful parts of the highlands and should not be developed in this manner. The focus on renewables should be elsewhere and not at the expense of this wilderness.
Robin Mungo Hartley Burgon Kimberley
Glen Etive is a beautiful wilderness. Why in God’s name spoil it?

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