March 14, 2016
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You may have seen the news by now, that after a dedicated effort from local campaigners, supported by the 6,311 of you who signed the petition, the Snowdonia National Park Authority made the right decision and refused permission for multinational energy giant RWE to build a hydro scheme on the River Conwy.

After last weeks meeting the refusal notice has now been formally issued and the River Conwy is safe from the developers - THANK YOU!

This is a huge relief to all who care about the special places that we know and love. It is a huge success story for National Parks and the role they play in protecting special places from those who see our natural resources as something to be exploited in damaging and disruptive ways.

The whole process stands as a warning to all of us who care - National Parks and other special places are under attack. We all need to be vigilant and continue to scrutinise those who are elected to govern these institutions and make sure that they understand how important these special places are and how easily they can be damaged.

One organisation that has been instrumental in the success of this campaign is the Snowdonia Society. They have been protecting and celebrating the Snowdonia National Park since 1967 and without them I don't think we would have succeeded.

Please have a look at they work they do and consider becoming a member to help them keep fighting the good fight for another 50 years.

So our warmest thanks to you and congratulations for your part in saving the River Conwy!


Save the Conwy, with help from our friends are continuing to fight for the river by working towards the refusal of any abstraction licences and gathering evidence in preparation for any future planning applications.

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Thanks again,

All the team at Save The Conwy

Another great success for people power in this glorious part of the world. Remember the Cae Llan fight, the Green Key fiasco, Boots and Uplift?…all projects which could spoil the uniqueness of this area….

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