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May 25, 2017
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The Welsh Governments Future Landscapes Wales (FLW ) review threatens the very nature of our Welsh National Parks. By removing the environmental protection they receive under the Sandford Principle they could be left open to damaging and inappropriate development.

The report has been tabled for debate on the 6th June, less than a month after publication and hidden under the shadow of a Westminster election. The Welsh Government is trying to push through the biggest change to the management of our environment in a generation and do so without the knowledge of the public. Assembly Ministers have not had the time or the information to properly consult with their constituents on this crucial mater.

For more details see here : Introduction
The reasoning given for the FLW review is that
“The special qualities of the designated landscapes go wider than their visual and amenity value and embrace their vital role as a provider of wider public and private benefit both within and beyond their areas.”
Source - FLW
However National Parks, in their current state, provide far more to the Welsh people and economy than is commonly recognised, and their protection ensures this will continue into the future for new generations.
Did you know that:
“Outdoor activity tourism contributed £481m to the Welsh economy in 2012 and this was mostly concentrated in our national parks.”
Source - Economic Impact Study
95% of people in Wales feel National Parks are important to them and 73% of the Welsh population visited a National in the last 12 months.
Source - Valuing National Parks
National Parks contribute more to the Welsh economy than agriculture, forestry, fishing, mining, and quarrying combined.
Source - Valuing National Parks
If the continued protection of our National Parks is important to you then please take action.

If you live in Wales

If you live in Wales then write to your AMs and tell them that;

"the environmental protection afforded by the Sandford Principle must be the cornerstone of any new legislation affecting National Parks."

Also copy in the Welsh Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Rural Affairs and her opposition Shadow Ministers

If you live outside Wales, you can still help.
If you live outside Wales please write to the Welsh Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Rural Affairs and her opposition Shadow Ministers
Your AMs and their email addresses can be found here (remember you have more than one):
Who are my AMs?
Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Rural Affairs
Lesley Griffiths:
Plaid Cymru Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Sustainable Communities, Energy and Rural Affairs
Conservative Spokesperson for Environment & Sustainability

With the Westminster election approaching ask you prospective MPs what their party policy is in Wales for the future of our National Parks.
Remember you only have until the 6th of June to act.

More information from others campaigning to save our National Parks:


Snowdonia Society

Susannah Bartlett
But MPS cannot be contacted because of election surely? IsnT parliament in recess?
Tom Laws
AMs are not in recess so they can be emailed, as the environment is a devolved issue in Wales.
Rachel Rebecca Flynn
the environmental protection afforded by the Sandford Principle must be the cornerstone of any new legislation affecting National Parks.
As one who has been on this planet for some considerable years, it beggars belief why such people wish to endanger and destroy such beautiful area in the principality of Wales. There is no reason other than a hidden agenda, plain stupidity or likely getting high on some thing or other that has addled their mind. I sorry to say these people who have reached a stage where they have a control seem to miss the point in life. The point being is to leave something with a better footprint. No to subject it to damage.
Susan Knowles
It is so important to protect our Welsh National Parks. The landscape has been created by industry in many places but saved for everyone by protecting the mountains, lakes, valleys and seashores. To allow exploitation is to take away the land that is there for us all.
Keep protecting National Parks!
Andrew Perry
Our natural resources should be regarded as precious. The landscape of Wales is one else of its finest assets and needs protection. Many countries throughout the world have recognised their environment and have made great effort to preserve them. Wales should be a leading light in this issue. We cannot afford to realise this when the damage is done. Protecting our environment should be top of any agenda.
Kim jackson
Please save our national parks
Leave the parks as they are thank you !
Megan Vickery
Thank you. But still not clear what is happening here. Surely if there is to be such a huge potential impact the public have a right to be properly consulted. I’m not clear what I would be asking AMs for. The process should be stopped until we, everyday people, can better understand what’s happening.
Chris Hobdell
Although I do not live in Wales, I think the National Parks are very important, for visitors and locals alight so please keep them safe.

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