Kendal Mountain Festival 2021 – Some Thoughts

November 26, 2021
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For the third year at KMF, river lovers took to the water and banks of the River Kent in Kendal for the Palm / Pyranha Paddle Pick Up. It's been heartening to see the event grow year on year, driven on by the enthusiasm of Dan Wilkinson, and highlights just why we are all involved in fighting to protect the places we play. As well as kayakers, canoeists and rafters, we were joined along the banks by terrestrial trash enthusiasts from Trash Free Trails and the local community, and under the water by Angus the Frogman from Lake District Diving.

Jack from Dewerstone was on hand to capture the action. Check out his video below.

The process of floating and strolling down the river in the Sunday afternoon sunshine gave time to reflect how all of our actions can be greater than the sum of their parts. As well as the key thing, removing a third of a tonne of pollution from the river, the event brings communities together, provides a shared goal and focus for a group of individuals, offers a platform for catching up with old friends, forging new relationships, and allows everyone to feel part of something bigger.

The weekend at Kendal Mountain Festival is always inspiring, tiring and nourishing in equal measure, and this one was no different. I hope everyone who got involved feels inspired to take action to protect a place they play, and we look forward to hearing about it in future years.

We're really grateful to all the brands and individuals who supported the river clean, Palm Equipment and Pyranha Kayaks leading the paddlesports charge at KMF, NRS and WRS International for bringing down rafts and getting so many more people out on the water, as well as support as always from Patagonia, Radical Rider, Dewerstone and Waterskills Academy. You don't need a massive crew and an international festival to get out and give your local lap a clean.

Photos - James MacKeddie


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