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October 14, 2016
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The news that RWE have withdrawn their recent planning application has spread to a range of media outlets.


The BBC carried several reports and John Harold Director of the Snowdonia Society featured on Good Afternoon Wales (41mins in)

BBC Good Afternoon Wales

BBC News Website

The Daily Post also ran a story, alluding to a re-application in the future. (NB, that's not the Conwy in their video!)

Daily Post News Story

There are no such allusions in the industry news site, Hydro World's coverage of the withdrawal.

Hydro News Story



What is clearly missing from all of this news coverage is a new statement from the National Trust. Not only do the Trust own land at the intake and a significant length of the proposed pipeline , but they have been pursuing HEP schemes in sensitive landscapes across the national park. In addition to this they claim they would be powerless to prevent it happening. Time is fast running out for the National Trust to make a statement and retain any shreds of being seen as guardians of the land. Currently their silence is deafening...




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