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May 24, 2018
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It's been a while since the rains have been, and many of us love to ride bikes when it's dry. We teamed up with Trash Free Trails to give the Gwydir Mawr trail near Llanrwst a spring clean.

Trash Free Trails in the brain child of Dom, one of the main dudes at Surfers Against Sewage, and when he said he was after some venues to trial a bike version of their beach cleans we jumped at the chance.

Gwydir Trails - Trash Free Trails - Trail Clean from Save The Conwy on Vimeo.

What was interesting as we did our lap was the changes in different types of litter. The first hill is popular with riders looking for a short blast and people playing on the jumps. Around those areas, and especially around the jumps there was a massive collection of crisp wrappers and the ever irritating Lucozade Sport bottles. As we made our way out to Hafna mine, the car park picked up a lot of takeaway rubbish, linked less to bikers and more to walkers and other people who use car parks for their own recreational needs... After that, and onto the second decent hill of the trail we hit the "gel frontier" and from then on, it was like wedding confetti. Less of the whole wrappers, but tons of the little tabs off the top of the top of the sachets. Over our lap we picked up about 75kg of litter, and even if you remove the bedstead from that total, it was an enormous volume.

We plan to organise more trail cleans in the future, but don't wait for us. Every time you are out you can do your bit to make the places you play into #TrashFreeTrails.

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