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August 31, 2019
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When Kendalian singer / songwriter, Sue Kennedy, saw red spots on trees, she was moved to write a song about her home town calling for the trees to be saved.

Here is her "Song for the Auld Grey Town".

Please support our cause by signing the petition to Pause, Review and Rethink the flood scheme: https://www.change.org/p/secretary-of-state-for-environment-stop-review-and-revise-kendal-flood-management-scheme

"Wooden Hearts"

Save our riverside trees,
For wooden hearts can bleed;
Breathe life into the Auld Grey Town,
Save our riverside trees!

Through storm and wind and rain and flood
Each year a brand new ring of wood,
Unmoved by winter’s icy blast
Grew strong throughout my childhood past;
Then into adulthood delight
With springtime blossom, pink and white.

They line the river strong and tall
But all shall fall to build a wall;
A splash of red it seals their fate,
Stand up and fight before too late,
And understand the reason why
Our ancient trees are marked to die.

The enemy they face is Man,
An agency and their flood plan;
A plan I fear does not stand up;
They say, “protect our neighbourhood”
But look again, the plan is flawed,
A grant from Brussels their reward.

And when our green-lined streets are gone;
No blossom bright nor bird in song;
Too late to say “what have we done?”
When all of nature long since gone;
We’ll shed a tear and ask them why
Our river’s trees were bound to die.

Copyright © ℗ 2019 Sue Kennedy. All rights reserved.


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