Aynam Road Trees – An Open Letter

June 9, 2021
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We are indebted to Raymond Coombe who has chosen to share his thoughts on the trees that will be lost on Aynam Road.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter to express my concern over the removal of so many trees alongside the River Kent in Kendal especially along the Aynam Road area. As you are perhaps unaware most of the trees were planted after the Boer War and Zulu Wars which took place in South Africa between 1770s and 1902. They are there to commemorate the loss and sacrifice of those men; Kendal Men, in the cause of Freedom.

My Great Greatt Uncle Matthew Travis who was born in Kirkland, Kendal was in the Battle of Gingindlovu on the 2nd April 1879 where he and his Regiment, The 91st Foot fought the Zulu Chief Butelezhi and his warriors. They won the day but alas Matthew was badly injured and was eventually pensioned out of the Regiment, the events sadly shortened his life. He fought what he thought was right , and our freedom. What would he think now? In the Kendal Parish Church there is a plaque commemorating the Kendal dead from the Boer Wars. Soldiers from the 1st Battalion Border Regiment and Kendal's St John's Ambulance Brigade. These family names are still in Kendal now, descendants of these heroes, there is also a plaque in the assembly hall of the old Grammar School; Old Boys who gave all.

In conclusion I am very sad at the felling of what is a War Memorial honouring our Kendal lads ..most came home and carried on with their lives as normal..but would often think of their pals that never..and I think we should not forget them either ..for what is the point of given all when nothing us remembered?

Your Sincerely Raymond Michael Coombe,

Writing on behalf of my great great Uncle Matthew Travis, Soldier,War Hero and Kendalian.


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