Afon Cynfal and Rhaeadr y Cwm Threatened by Hydro Development.

December 20, 2019
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UPDATE 24th March 2020

The Afon Cynfal is safe for now. 

The Snowdonia National Park Authority have placed the application for the Cwm Cynfal hydro scheme on hold. The planning department rightly decided that the application submitted was inadequate for such a potentially damaging development. A full EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) has been requested, we are unsure on whether the developer will complete this, and if they do when it will be submitted.

Many thanks to everyone who has written an objection to this inappropriate development. If the developer submits the EIA there will be a further chance to comment. We will let you know at that time.


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Any updates on this proposal?
Jonathan Bryn Davies
Horrific proposal.
Objections sent
Oisin Murnion
I think it should be allowed to happen, its income for the local community, if you are successful in banning it are you willing to support the local community with equivalent income
Income for the local community! What planet are you from? It’s a hydro scheme and the income will go straight into the pocket of the builder.The local community will suffer,in less revenue from visitors.
Chris Jones
Wish i could do it a million times over.
Mike Mitchell
Done We need to stop these sort of Green Developments.

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