Act now to Save Pont Cyfyng

February 11, 2019
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Save Our Rivers would like to thank the Capel Curig Community for inviting them to speak alongside the developer in discussion of the proposed Llugwy HEP project.

Having listened to both the developer’s description of the scheme, along with the comments from members of the community Save Our Rivers has decided it will be officially objecting to the planning application.


Caroline Mitchell
I have not heard of this plan and as I own the land on the opposite side of the river, would be grateful for more information please? Has this been refused?
Any info gratefully received thank you
Lyn Jack
I don’t understand why my comment is not showing here, so I will repeat the gist of it. How can this sacrilegious scheme be even contemplated in a national park? The return on investment would be minimal and the damage enormous, not to mention the knock on effect of opening up Snowdonia to more unsuitable applications. Please….. NO!
Margaret Blakeborough
I would like to object to this proposal. On the following grounds. There is far to much damage likely to occur in Chapel Curig , which is an area or outstanding natural beauty it has easy access for most members of the public, to enjoy, wonderful river banks, waterfalls, ancient woodland , beautiful easy walks. There are not many places where people of limited mobility can get close to these features as they can in Capel Curig Damage to the habitat of wildlife and birds such as dippers, kingfishers is extremely worrying. There does not seem to be any forward planning as to the impact of this scheme
Clark lawless
I feel that the people that paddle this beautiful section of white water will no longer be able to experience It anymore. furthermore the effects that it has to wildlife and the forestry in that area are devastating
Simon Clark
Please please please continue to fight against this development
I was horrified to hear of this scheme. Pont Cyfyng is a very special place, one I have been visiting for over 45 years I have to travel a 500 mile round trip as I live in N Essex
a trip I make frequently.
I cannot imagine or understand why someone woud wish to destroy a place such as this, its natural beauty is unique in all of Snowdonia.
Greed, greed, greed! The Roman Empire fell because of greed and corruption, and decadence…..and so shall YOU!
Leave this beautiful place alone, and in its natural state.
Jacky dudley
This is an absolute tragedy to lose such a beautiful and strong part of our landscape and history for another development plot. Disgusting behaviour from people wanting to make money our land should be protected and cherished not built on and destroyed
Shan Ashton
Thank you Tom for taking part in the meeting and for supplying some considerable expert information for our consideration.
I thought the meeting was lively and illustrated a keeness amongst all present to consider future renewable energy production in places such as Eryri.
The community will therefore be organising a number of workshops around the reduction of energy consumption, developing and funding truly community led renewable production schemes. We will also be considering other aspects raised in the meeting around issues of aethsetic and ecology, community and history.
We will keep you informed of any such activity and hope you (Save Our Rivers) will be able to contribute.
Such a learning process will enable a better prepared and future focused community. So, as the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining!
In the meantime we will endeavour to get as many people as possible to respond to this planning application.
Regards, Shân
jan lewis
What happened to my comment ???
Tom Laws
Hi Jan, I just found it, our Spam filter was working overdrive it seems! I’ve posted it up and replied.

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