The Tumpen Dam and Water Framework Directive

April 9, 2020
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We need you to take action now!

The Tumpen hydroelectric power plant is the first of many hydro developments planned for the Ötz valley by the developer TIWAG and it’s associates.

You can watch the video to understand the main concerns around its construction or check out our previous blog post here:


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Please stop this.
Maximilian Sohmen
Es wäre eine Schande, wenn eines der letzten unberührten Täler der Profitgier geopfert wird. Intakte Natur ist Allgemeingut!
Lasst wenigstens die Gerichte entscheiden!
Erich Bombek
laßt die Natur doch leben…ich will es auch…Bitte!
Kilian Strobel
Save the Ötz. Bauts woanders an damm!!
Liam Redmond
It would be such a loss to everybody if this were built, STOP THE DAM!!
Holger Emmerich
Pfui Pfui Pfui –
Stop destroying this beautiful valley NOW!!!!!
Seth Ashworth
Get them diggers out the river! Please. Asking nicely.
Seth Ashworth
Get them diggers out the river!

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