Our last free flowing rivers and wild places are increasingly under threat from damaging development and loss of legal protections.

Save Our Rivers aims to provide those who care with the information and knowledge on how to use existing legal structures to fight back. Through lodging objections via the planning system and by responding to government consultations we can give the public an effective mechanism to keep the places they value safe.

Save Our Rivers believes everyone, wherever they live, should have a voice in the future of our National Parks and wild rivers.

Our partners

How we can help?

We can bring our expertise and contacts to help scrutinise:

  • Environmental impact assessments.
  • Wildlife habitat studies.
  • Riverine flow studies.
  • UK planning procedures.

And to help you to activate your community to see the value in the free flowing rivers around us.

What can you do?

  • Watch for development or damage to your local rivers.
  • Attend the planning meetings and hold the developers, your councilors and  representatives to account.
  • Take someone new with you to the river. Encourage others to find recreation in and a love of our rivers.
  • Follow SaveOurRivers.org here and on Instagram and Facebook.

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