Year of Adventure 2016

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Snowdonia is an amazing place; the opportunities for adventure are endless and quite rightly the Welsh Government are using this to advertise Wales as an Adventure Tourism destination. £4 million pounds have been spent on making TV commercials with the strapline “FindYourEpic”

Ken Skates , Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism said:

2016 is to position Wales as a leading destination for outdoor adventure and use our iconic destinations to inspire people to explore what our country has to offer.”

What the Welsh Government does not seem to realise is that the opportunities for adventure must be protected. These TV adverts are in contrast to the stark reality of slashing National Park budgets, the appointing of power company executives to the Future Landscapes Committee and the damming and dewatering of nationally important rivers for both kayaking and fishing. Ken Skates has so far ignored our requests to discuss this with him and simply handed our questions over to Carl Sargeant (Minister for Natural Resources) without comment.

The Year of Adventure 2016 wants us to share our adventures online with the #FindYourEpic.

Let’s show how important our wild adventures are for Wales, that the heart of an adventure is not only paying to go on a massive trampoline or surf in a big pool (not that those things aren’t cool) but should also involve our unspoilt rivers, woods, mountains and coasts. Adventures can involve getting wet and tired and sometimes a little scared, they involve losing ourselves in nature and coming out renewed, they involve the wild.

Please print out the banner below and take it on your next adventure, take a picture, share it on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using #FindYourEpic and #SaveOurWildAdventures and tag it @Save the River Conwy @Wales

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SaveOurWildAdventures – Poster Download

Whether you are fishing, climbing, kayaking, surfing, walking, taking part in an environmental project or just taking in the fantastic place that is Snowdonia we want to see it. To inspire you to get adventurous, the photo with the most likes will win a Save the Conwy prize bundle.

Here’s a few members of Save the Conwy getting out on some of their adventures, all in the last couple of weeks.