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Just an update on where we are up to. The Community Councils have all met to discuss the planning application and a member of Save the Conwy along with concerned residents have given their views at them. Thanks to all that attended and emailed their views.

We still need you to email or post your personal objects to the planning application. This is the most important thing you can do, and please spread the word to anyone who you think may be concerned. Perhaps you want to object on behalf of your buisness, canoe club, fishing club, photography group?

Please use this template letterhead and write your personal response underneath.


The Snowdonia National Park have indicated they will accept objections sent next week but no later.


A view of RWE work at Dolgarrog 2013.

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  • Graham Devaney-heckle says:

    This section of river is one of the truly wild spots of river in the UK. It’s a fascinating attraction and a site of huge interest to photographers, many different disciplines of water sports and tourist. Not to mention the ecological importance of the river. To put up another hydro dam in place of this would be a terrible waste of a beautiful part of the UK.

  • Chris Bloor says:

    the section of river is a very beautiful spot for all to enjoy and should not be developed.

  • robert s says:

    Whilst I’m aware that the written objection stage is over, why not still host an online petition to gather the true magnitude of objection. We did this at keepsouthwatergreen.org.uk and collected support from more of the local electorate than regularly vote!

  • robert s says:

    P.S. You’re welcome to use this photo of the fairy glen I took recently if it helps illustrate the beauty of the river. Original resolution version available too.


  • H Watson says:

    Im totally shocked…… The Fairy Glen and its surroundings are as iconic for Wales and its heritage as the Yanxi gorge in China. Look at what has happened to the ecology there? Who is the total moron that has even suggested this?