The Wisdom of Conservation

I met a lady beside the road in Nant Gwynant. ‘I thought I’d gone to heaven ‘, she said. From the East End of London she’d never seen such beauty.

Beauty is sensed within all of us, even when we cannot give it a name, a world we all prefer.

As a painter, I celebrate the properties of landscape before I engage with art.

The ethos of conservation reflects human values.

The threat to the fundamental principles contained in conservation must not take root. The compromising of the National Parks for alternative usage progressively destroys the very principle and profit on which they are based.

Any proposition that relegates conservation as secondary has already lost sight of a profound and necessary wisdom and has seriously misjudged the broad public sentiment.

David Woodford RCA


If the continued protection of our National Parks is important to you then please take action.

If you live in Wales

If you live in Wales then write to your AMs and tell them that;

“the environmental protection afforded by the Sandford Principle must be the cornerstone of any new legislation affecting National Parks.

Also copy in the Welsh Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Rural Affairs and her opposition Shadow Ministers

If you live outside Wales, you can still help.
If you live outside Wales please write to the Welsh Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Rural Affairs and her opposition Shadow Ministers
Your AMs and their email addresses can be found here (remember you have more than one):
Who are my AMs?
Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Rural Affairs
Lesley Griffiths:
Plaid Cymru Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Sustainable Communities, Energy and Rural Affairs
Conservative Spokesperson for Environment & Sustainability

With the Westminster election approaching ask you prospective MPs what their party policy is in Wales for the future of our National Parks.
Remember you only have until the 6th of June to act.

More information from others campaigning to save our National Parks:


Snowdonia Society