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By 22nd May 2017May 31st, 2017National Parks Under Threat

The Welsh Governments Future Landscapes Wales (FLW ) review threatens the very nature of our Welsh National Parks. By removing the environmental protection they receive under the Sandford Principle they could be left open to damaging and inappropriate development.

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The reasoning given for the FLW review is that
“The special qualities of the designated landscapes go wider than their visual and amenity value and embrace their vital role as a provider of wider public and private benefit both within and beyond their areas.”
Future Landscapes Wales

However National Parks, in their current state, provide far more to the Welsh people and economy than is commonly recognised, and their protection ensures this will continue into the future for new generations.
Did you know that:
“Outdoor activity tourism contributed £481m to the Welsh economy in 2012 and this was mostly concentrated in our national parks.”
The Economic Impact of Outdoor Activity Tourism in Wales – Visit Wales – March 2014

What can you do?

It is vital that our Assembly Members know how import our National Parks are to Wales and how strongly you feel about them. Our AMs must vote to oppose any new legislation based on this report that doesn’t hold the key environmental protections of Sandford and Silkin at it’s heart.
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If you live in Wales…

If you live in Wales then write to your AMs and tell them that the environmental protection afforded by the Sandford Principle must be the cornerstone of any new legislation affecting National Parks. Also copy in the Welsh Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Rural Affairs and her opposition Shadow Ministers. Find my Assembly Members.

If you live outside Wales – you can still help! 

If you live outside Wales please write to the Welsh Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Rural Affairs and her opposition Shadow Ministers

Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Rural Affairs: Correspondence.Lesley.Griffiths@gov.wales

Plaid Cymru Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Sustainable Communities, Energy and Rural Affairs: Simon.Thomas@assembly.wales

Conservative Spokesperson for Environment & Sustainability: David.Melding@assembly.wales

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The report has been tabled for debate on the 6th June, less than a month after publication and hidden under the shadow of a Westminster election. The Welsh Government is trying to push through the biggest change to the management of our environment in a generation and do so without the knowledge of the public. Assembly Ministers have not had the time or the information to properly consult with their constituents on this crucial matter.

Remember you only have until the 6th June to act to save our National Parks.