By 23rd March 2016March 14th, 2017Save the Conwy

Hopefully you have seen that we are having a film-night hosted by Plas-y-Brenin, presented by Patagonia and Sweetgrass Productions on the 23rd of April. For more information on that, or to get a ticket please click here when the page is live (ASAP) or visit Facebook.

With the RWE application rejected, you might be wondering why we are hosting a fundraising night, and what the funds are needed for.


The application was rejected, not on the grounds of enormous objection from a broad range of groups, nor because of the evidence provided on the damage that would be done to recreation and the river environment, not because of the withdrawn promises of tourist infrastructure by RWE, but simply because the planners didn’t  feel that they had all the information in the application. There is little doubt that RWE will re-apply, and this time we wish to enlist some professional help in fighting this by employing a planning consultant to assist in and better guide our objection and in the commissioning of further environmental surveys on this precious habitat.


We have been enormously lucky to receive some specific funding from Patagonia for postcards and some local press advertising, and a small amount of money was generated through T Shirt sales, but we need to raise substantial funds to carry on the campaign and secure the future of this free flowing river.

So we are asking for your help and support. We are not asking for donations. Whether it is an evening of great films, entry in a raffle to win amazing prizes from the companies that support us, a T-shirt or just a sticker we will always give you something in return for your cash. That and the promise we will work tirelessly to Save the Conwy.