Cairn you believe it?!

By 4th February 2016Uncategorised

It was announced in the news today that Snowdonia National Park Wardens are asking the public to stop building cairns on the hills, due to the destruction it causes. Warden Myfyr Tomos has said- ‘Building cairns has been of great concern over a number of years […] creating scars on some of our most significant landscapes. [It] damages fragile habitats such as the moorland in the uplands and the scree, together with the animals and the plants associated with them’.


Now if we are, as Myfyr Tomos states, ‘creating scars on some of the most significant landscapes,’ why on Earth are we even considering damaging fragile habitats with man made structures? – Perhaps SNP should be looking at at any contradictions – between the Cairn situation and the proposed Conwy Hydro.

Link to BBC News article