Afon Artro

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On December 2nd the Planning and Access Committee of Snowdonia National Park discussed and then refused the planning permission for the Fallen Stock Collection site on the banks of the Afon Artro. Thanks to the excellent work of the local Cyfeillion Cwm Nantcol Friends group in their opposition to this development, other objecting NGOs including the Snowdonia Society and the Woodland Trust and to all our followers who took the time to write in, this river should be safe from the pollution risk it was facing, at least for now. 

It is not only hydro schemes that affect the rivers of Snowdonia National Park, agricultural pollution and industrial developments are ever present threats.

Only 35% of the rivers in the Western Wales River Basin meet good ecological status according to the European Water Framework Directive. The Afon Artro near Llanbedr is one of these.

This river is currently threatened by a proposal to develop a commercial fallen stock (dead agricultural animals) collection and storage facility situated right on its banks.

Save Our Rivers feels the application fails to make clear the size of the proposed operation and makes no adequate explanation of how effluent and wastewater from the cleaning of collection containers, vehicles and buildings will be prevented from entering the watercourse.

Our full objection letter can be seen HERE

The community in the surrounding area have come together as Cyfeillion Cwm Nantcol Friends to oppose this application that threatens their river and local surroundings.

You can follow their campaign on social media HERE

The full application can be seen online HERE

If you wish to object to this application you have until the 9th Nov and can do so by commenting online on the SNPA website.