Unsere Ötztaler Ache / Our Ötztaler Ache

March 29, 2020
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Stoppt den Staudamm in Tumpen / Stop the Tumpen Dam


The Ötztaler Ache the largest currently free-flowing river in Tyrol. Home to diverse riverine ecology, bank side alpine meadows and a mecca for white water kayakers from around the world. This jewel of Austrian rivers, previously home to the Sickline Extreme Kayaking World Championships is now threatened by multiple hydro power developments.

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Sylvie Adiba
No dam
For the love of nature and rivers
Simonetta Capelli
No dam
José Milán Tejeda
Ríos Libres, pueblos vivos.
Los ríos del planeta tienen que correr libres
Fuck dams
Saludos desde México.
Free rivers = healthy ecosystems
Baird Morrish
Proceeding to dam this river without public feedback is wrong!!! Do not dam this river!
Manuel saavedra
Feee Rivers!
jack Beadel
This is not a stepin the right direction
Rocco Ietto
Good Luck!
Dan Demsar Potza
Don’t destroy more rivers as you want
Conor McMorrow
Continuing with destroying ecosystems, natural habitats and natural sources in the supposed name of sustainable energy demonstrates a total lack of concern, understanding and basic human decency. Sustainable energy and living is the future, it can and should be done without destroying the planet we are trying to save.
Jared lord
Stop the dammmmmms
Erick Hernández
Do not destroy the wild please help us saving the rivers amd protecting animals
Zach ponevac
To whom it may concern,
There are estimated to be over 1 million dams fragmenting European rivers (Garcia de Leaniz, 2008) and the impact of this on biodiversity has been catastrophic. Populations sizes of freshwater species have declined by 81% in the period between 1970-2012 (Living Planet Report, WWF, 2016). This puts river and wetland as the most at threat ecosystems on the planet. The lose of such a large remaining natural river would be an environmental catastrophe. Please take time to consider halting construction and listening to the people.
Logan Kendricks
This free-flowing stream is an essential part of the ecosystem and the Oetz valley is a center for local and tourist recreation, river included. .
Sean McT
Using the shutdown to slide unpopular projects past the public is unethical and frankly disgraceful on more levels than one.
Yann Gelinas
This is a world renown river that I hope to one day run. Small dams are obsolete and shouldn’t be built anymore, especially not on pristine rivers.
Graham Busby
Believe the science that’s now available.
Fuck the damn dams
Mitchell Sheridan
Save our free flowing rivers! Please NO DAM!
Marco Barison
Stop that shit
Poor form. You have no right to defile a river that is been around longer than our species!
Robin Ahrens
Save the river!!!!
Olivia Murphy
Stop the Tumpen Dam!!
Gabe Vink Wackernagel
Protect this important ecosystem!! Love from New Zealand!
Emilio salaverri
Porfavor no hagan eso van a matar a unos de los mejores ríos del mundo y van a matar a toda la biodiversidad de ese rio. Uno de mis sueños es remar ahí y si hacen de nuevo el sickline es correr y ganar lo soy de Honduras y esa es mi meta no mates el río tiene que seguir fluyendo !
Trevor Harkness
Please leave the river flowing free!
Bryce Kinsey
Free flowing rivers are super important to me. They are the natural ecosystem and should not be messed with. There are plenty of sustainable alternatives to hydropower let’s as a global community choose those.
Savez Rivers
A damn will destroy animals homes,kayakers exercise and fun , affect the environment in a negative way such as pollution . There is many other ways to make energy for human use .
J’aimerais avoir un jour l’occasion de naviguer cette magnifique rivière, et qu’elle ne soit pas détériorée.
Max Blackburn
This project is unnecessary and the detriment to the environment and economy far outweighs the reward.
Knox Hammack
I am agains the Tumpens dam!
Grant Braun
This river is a destination dream for a lot of people. I plan to travel across the world to have the opportunity to paddle this river and recreate in the valley. Allow free flowing rivers.
Spencer Lawley
Get it together! Hydro is not renewable and it is not the way of the future. Get your shit together and do what’s right for the earth and her people, not some bullshit corporation.
Eric Levenson
As a fluvial geomorphologist, I would strongly argue that maintaining the physical integrity and flow regime provides more societal benefit than a dam. As a kayaker and potential tourist, I promise that I will never carry out my dream to travel to Oetz if the dam is constructed. That’s money that will never enter your community, and I’m not alone.
Why would you dam a river in the alps? Haven’t you already messed that mountain range up enough with civilizing it over the past thousands of year. Let nature do its thing for once.
James Byrd
Stop the building is this dam! We already know dams aren’t sustainable and terrible for the ecosystem around them.
Jacob liechty
Using a pandemic to build a dam is a very disonhorable thing to do.
Harry Taylor
Jonathan O'Connors
Please keep this river free of damns for the wildlife and many adventures that enjoy this area.
Semra Mahmutović
Eddie Blanch
Stop the trumpet dam
Emma Engelman
Stop the building of this dam!
Miha Mihelič
Emma Cole
Don’t take advantage of the your community in a time of crisis! Stop this dam!
Fechete Maria Elena
Stop building the dam
Jessica Ellis
Not good
Save the river
Jona Ellis
Save it.
Helen Nicholson
Stop damming the river
Aleix salvat cuevas
Free rivers
Michael Richter
Paddle free Rivers

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