How can you help? Paddle Bubble and the Fairy Glen Visitor book

By 24th February 2014Uncategorised

At a recent meeting with Natural Resources Wales, representatives from the Save the River Conwy group pressed for recreational use of rivers to be taken into account when assessing abstraction license applications. In light of this, robust evidence of recreational use of the Conwy will be very important when the abstraction license for this scheme comes to consultation.

For some time now, the kayaking community has been using Paddle Bubble to record kayaking use of the Fairy Glen. The site is simple and easy to use, you can log in via Facebook, or register directly. Once logged in you can log your personal paddling. From this it is possible to establish how many paddlers are using the river.
Non paddling supporters of Save the River Conwy have asked us for a way to record their visits to Glen too. In response to this, we have made The Fairy Glen Visitor Book. This is a simple on line form you can fill in each time you visit the Fairy Glen. Like the Paddle Bubble record of kayaking, this visitor book to will allow us to record the recreational importance of this place for non kayakers.

Representatives from the Snowdonia National Park were also interested to see the Paddle Bubble data as they hope to learn more about the importance of kayaking and canoeing visitors to the region. In light of this, as well as logging your trips on the Glen please log your trips on other rivers too.

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