Feedback from Canoe Wales

By 2nd May 2015November 25th, 2016Save the Conwy, Uncategorised

Save the Conwy has had some feed back from Canoe Wales. They have set up a dedicated email account for your responses : . Don’t worry if you have sent to the old address they will continue to get forwarded.

RWE assert that the preservation of the Fairy Glen is only of interest to a handful of “expert kayakers” . So tell Canoe Wales a bit about yourself. Are you an expert or just a normal guy/girl searching for a bit of adventure. Are you local or does the Conwy provide a draw for you to travel to North Wales. Do you paddle on the Conwy regularly , occasionally , or never but still believe this classic is worthy of protection.

Remember time is ticking, the window for object is short , please try to get your emails of by the beginning of next week.



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