Snowdonia National Park Response to Open Letter

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You may remember that Dan Butler wrote to the Snowdonia National Park Planners highlighting the sources of a large number of the letters of support that they had received included RWE, the company proposing the scheme, and Dulas, the company putting together the proposals for them.

Dan’s Original Letter to the Planners

Since Dan’s letter to planners, we have learnt that a number of the letters to the planners came from individuals that did not make an effort to make their role in the companies clear. We have also established that a significant proportion of the support came from outside Wales, and that most of the submissions from RWE employees used what appeared to be a standard letter as their basis. We have also learnt that the number of letters of objection now totals over 800, with objections coming from both locally and farther afield.


Letter by e-mail to Mr. D. Butler (10.12.15) – SNP Response

The SNP response is worrying, not just for the Conwy, but for the future safety of the National Park.They don’t appear to have the resources to effectively look at any volume of correspondence, and so are apparently happy to just leave the issue as it is, rather than stir up something with a developer. Is this the first time this has happened? What other schemes have been put though across the National Park based on letters from the very people putting them forward? If the proposed scheme is so good, shouldn’t the application speak for itself?


The Entrance to the Fairy Glen during the recent flooding.


Questions with Carl Sargeant

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Aberconwy AM Janet Finch-Saunders has been busy tabling questions for her constituents to Carl Sargeant AM. Mr Sargeant is the Minister for Natural Resources. The correspondence is given below, and there are copies of each question for download given at the end, along with part of Natural Resources Wales’ Remit and the responsibilities, as stated by them.


Carl-Sargeant-1 Carl-Sargeant-2


Carl Sargeant states that NRW do not consider tourism or recreation, but in their own statement, taken from here they are considering the effect to lawful water users, which we must assume includes recreational users both local and “tourist” in nature.

Clarity is needed on this issue, especially as the Conwy has been declared to be an issue of “High Public Importance”.

NRW Remit

NRW-Resp NRW-resp2

Urgent! Another chance to help.

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The window for objections to the abstraction licence closes soon. All objections need to be in by the 4th Dec. If you have already objected to NRW (this is separate to the planning objection) then great. If not here is what to do.

Want to write your own submissions:

The guidelines for objecting are shown here

making your views count eng

see our NRW submission below for ideas , also guidance from the Snowdonia Society here:

Snowdonia Society Guidance

start with the text: 

RWE Innogy UK Limited for a full licence to abstract water from the Afon Conwy near Betws-y-Coed,  Conwy at National Grid Reference SH 81139 53409                                                           

Ref N# WPCC3508 and WPCC3510

I am writing to object to the proposed applications.

and email to:


Want a bit more help. Use our completed template below, add your own comments and name / address then email to the above address.

template nrw submission

Remember however you do it , it needs to be sent by the 4th Dec . 2 days !


Kayaking on the Afon Conwy, Fairy Glen

Kayaking on the Afon Conwy, Fairy Glen, by Tom Laws

Canoe Wales Response to Comments in the Media

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Canoe Wales have released a statement following news coverage in the North Wales Weekly News.




“Contrary to reports by RWE Canoe Wales do not support building a weir above Penmachno Bridge and have made representations to Snowdonia National Park Authority and Natural Resources Wales including expert analysis, stating that a weir immediately above this dangerous section of whitewater would be an added risk to paddlers and increase the likelihood of further serious incidents at this location.”


The full statement can be found at  SaveTheConwy

Shadow Environment Minister

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In recent weeks Save the Conwy has been in contact with Janet Haworth AM, Shadow Minister for the Environment. As a local AM who has previous worked in the tourism industry she has obvious concerns about the proposed hydro scheme. She has been in contact with both the National Park and NRW and has been raising the issue with fellow Ministers. Her latest press release is below:


As one of the North Wales Regional Assembly members and shadow minister for the Environment I acknowledge that we face significant challenges in the face of climate change and the need to ensure the security of the supply of energy

Those same Victorians who transformed Britain into the fulcrum of the Industrial Revolution  knew Conwy Falls and came to find peace and to reconnect with Nature  away from the frenzied life amongst the Dark Satanic Mills.

Today the café and car park have become something of a tourist hub attracting visitors en-route into Snowdonia. There are mountain bike tracks  and a High Ropes activity centre nearby. A recent attraction, ‘Go Below’ has its base at this location.  During my visit on a cold November day I met photographers, hikers and a kayaker. testament to the increasing all year round tourism business that is growing year on year here in North Wales.

The argument that carbon emissions must be reduced packs a punch but the Welsh Tourism Industry also packs a punch supporting thousands of jobs and attracting billions of pounds into the Welsh economy.

Arguments to exploit our countryside for commercial gain and the need to conserve our treasured and outstanding landscapes have until recently achieved some sense of balance within the establishment of National Parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and SSi site designations

We  are losing natural habitats at an alarming rate. This has been highlighted recently at an event hosted at the Welsh Assembly by the Environment Committee.

RWE’s proposal  to erect a weir to generate hydropower within the Snowdonia National Park will locate an alien and industrial structure  at Conwy Falls.  I have studied the plans and attempts to adapt and mitigate with,’soft engineering techniques,’ appeared cursory.

The promise of clean renewable electricity will be modest while the long-term income  from  this project will of course be welcomed by the promoters and investors.

I have to ask would  the RWE  engineering company promoting this proposal get away with locating this plant within the beauty spots of the Bavarian mountains and forests?

Only 25% of our Welsh countryside enjoys protected status I know why places such as Conwy Falls are amongst our national treasures as do the 4000 + who have signed the petition against this plan and the various environmental agencies who have along with the Snowdonia Society raised their voices in protest.


Representations to Natural Resources Wales

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Below are Save the Conwy’s representations to Natural Resources Wales, in full as PDF documents. Each link will download or open the document.

Dear Sir/ Madam

RWE Innogy UK Limited for a full licence to abstract water from the Afon Conwy near Betws-y-Coed, Conwy at National Grid Reference SH 81139 53409
Ref N# WPCC3508 and WPCC3510
I am writing on behalf of the campaign group Save the Conwy to object to the proposed application. Save the Conwy is a group local to the Conwy Valley but with around 2800 followers both locally and nationally. Save the Conwy was set up in response to the RWE application for a Hydro Power Station on the river Conwy. It has been involved with discussions with the developer along with other concerned parties since 2013.
The full objection is attached as a PDF (NRW submission) above along with the relevant appendix.
Yours Faithfully
Dan Yates
Representative of Save the Conwy

Open Letter to the Snowdonia National Park Planners

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Application Ref:          NP4/26/323
Registration Date:       23-Apr-2015

Dear Mr Lloyd
We are writing this open letter to you in your capacity as Head of Development Management for the Snowdonia National Park. As you will know from our earlier objection letter we are opposed to the proposed Hydro Scheme on the River Conwy.

Earlier, through the online petition ( we became aware that a manager at Dulas Ltd (one of the contractors involved in the bid) was trying to influence public opinion through leaving a comment on the petition. If you haven’t seen it we have included a screenshot of the comment below, with a link to the page it was on, as an appendix to our letter. As this individual had failed to provide any information of his interest from a commercial point of view while making his comments, this led us to wondering if there had been other instances of this during the planning application phase.
We were helpfully assisted by your planning department who gave the names of all those who had written to you in support of the scheme, and have spent some time looking them up on LinkedIn. For your information we have included the list below, along with the positions they hold either in either RWE or Dulas Ltd.
There are others on the list that can also be traced back to either of those companies, or have been contracted by them to assist in their application. All of this information, along with the links for verification is below.
List of those who have written to the park in support of the Project:


Vince Read (Head of Hydro at RWE)


Paul Bellis (Health and Safety adviser Hydro UK at RWE)


Duncan Morrison (Senior Hydro Project Manager at RWE Npower Renewables)


Tina Watson (Hydro Procurement manager at RWE)


Oliver Wilson (Commercial analysis for RWE)


Rebecca Rankine (Assistant project manager at RWE)


Oliver White (Operations Engineer at RWE)


Sarah Ostermann (No linkedIn profile, but works for RWE as a Project Manager)

Link leads to a German Language page, but translates perfectly with Google translate


M (Matt) Palmer (No LinkedIn Profile, but is a Senior Hydro Engineer, Dulas Ltd)


Catherine McLennan (Customer Sales and Marketing at Dulas Ltd)


Rachel Harper Bit cheeky this one – maybe used her pre/post married name – Rachel Kennedy (who comes up when you search for Rachel Harper on linkedin) is a senior at Dulas Ltd


Laura Hiscox (Communications co-coordinator at Dulas Ltd)


Elfed Williams (Not directly linked to Dulas, but has a history of applying pressure in applications where there is a lot of support against the scheme – see his LinkedIn page for more information)


We would like to ask you to consider the following points when reviewing their letters of support for the application:

1: They work for Dulas Ltd or RWE, or have could have been contracted by them.

2: It is unclear whether they have set out in their letters that they work for either of the above companies or have declared their apparent professional interest.

3: When people write in support of projects in which their employers have a vested interest, it is very difficult to know what influence (proper or improper, direct or indirect) has been put on them to write.

4: I would suggest this leads to a natural conclusion that these particular letters of support require treating with an appropriate amount of caution, as it seems clear that their provenance is in doubt.

We trust that you will see the seriousness of the situation, and ask that you provide assurances that this information is acted upon with the utmost urgency.


Dan Butler

Representative of Save the Conwy

Appendix 1: Screenshot of comments left by Dan Hammond (Dulas Ltd Employee) on the petition page in the comments section.
Dan Hammond

NRW Drop-In Thursday 12th November 3pm-7pm

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Tomorrow afternoon you can drop-in to the Waterloo Hotel in Betws Y Coed (just along from the petrol station) from 3pm until 7pm and speak to representatives from Natural Resources Wales about the proposed scheme.

NRW have made it abundantly clear that they don’t care about your opinion, only facts, so here’s some topics to think about if you are popping in…

“In making our determination, we will consider all relevant information submitted to us. Amongst the issues we consider when reaching our decision are:

 the environmental effects of the abstraction and impoundment and their impact on designated sites, the biological and/or geological features of interest they support, and on protected species and habitats”

The area is a SSSI and within the National Park – why has it been chosen?

 “the likely effect of the proposal on the protected water rights of existing licence holders and other lawful water users”

The data shows a significant drop in the number of days the gorge will be useable by kayakers, and also the introduction of a weir is both unsightly and unsafe. The area above Conwy Falls has sadly seen a number of tragedies and near misses that would have been worsened by a man-made weir. Who is responsible if their construction kills someone?


” the reasonable requirements of the applicant for water and its efficient use”

Is 5MW an efficient use of a pristine valley?

 “the sustainability of the proposal and any effects on biodiversity”

As a SSSI containing a previously uninterrupted corridor of life… why not ask about that?

However, often we receive comments on matters which are beyond the remit of our determination.

Among the issues we cannot consider are:

 Noise
 Dust
 Transport
 Future connections to the national grid
 Cultural heritage
 Construction impacts
 Rights of way

But by all means, you could ask about those things. Why don’t they care about cultural heritage? Why does it take 20 days to get some documents out?

See you on Thursday 12th November, Waterloo Hotel, Betws-y-Coed


Frequently Asked Questions

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A lot has been going on recently, so it seemed fitting to pull together a bit of a summary of where things stand, and answer a few questions you might be asking.

What’s going on?
The Conwy is one of the largest rivers in Snowdonia National Park.  It rises high on the moors before squeezing through a number of impressive gorges, culminating in the twin falls of “Conwy Falls”, close to the café of the same name.  Below here the beautiful Fairy Glen has been capturing the hearts of recreational users including fishermen, walkers, canoeists and photographers for many years.  It features in Victorian guides to the area, and has done ever since.  This area also supports a wide range of flora and fauna.  Below the Fairy Glen the river meets the Llugwy and Lledr as it passes the tourist hotspot of Betws y Coed before meandering more gently to the sea, making its mouth on the North coast at the town of Conwy.
In simple terms, a large company have applied to put a hydro-electric power generation scheme on the river.  Under their scheme a weir with a large metal grill will be built just above the spectacular Conwy Falls, siphoning off a significant volume of water and channelling it into a large pipe that will run parallel to the river down to the confluence with the Lledr near Beaver Pool.  This will reduce the flow of the river significantly as well as breaking the living corridor of the river.  It introduces a new hazard to recreational river users, and we believe it will cause not only significant disruption but also some serious ecological damage to this area during construction and beyond.


Isn’t hydro power good for the environment?
It can be, and all of us should be in favour of reducing the use of fossil fuels to generate electricity.  However this scheme will only generate, at a maximum, 5MW – less than the electricity used if half of Betws y Coed put the kettle on, and roughly the same as just two offshore wind turbines.  According to the company’s own plan, for a third of the year the scheme won’t generate any power at all.  None of this sounds very green!

Surely this is just NIMBYism? (“Not In My Back Yard”)
Not at all.  There are plenty of more suitable sites in and around the National Park.  Within a couple of kilometres is the Penmachno mill site where there is already a disused mill building, a weir site and other hydro infrastructure that is just not being used.  On the fringes of the park, the Ogwen has a scheme planned that uses a section of river that has already been canalised by the quarrying in the area.  Hydro-electric power generation certainly has a place in the park, but the site chosen should be suitable and make use of existing infrastructure where possible, and especially given there are many areas that are already industrialised.


Shouldn’t the National Park be protecting the area for people to enjoy?

The Fairy Glen is in an ancient woodland and designated as A Site of Special Scientific Interest, as well as being within the National Park.  This should afford it some protection but it doesn’t appear to matter to the planners in this case – which is why we are objecting.


How can I find out more?
The Planning Officer’s Reccomendations

Flyer containing a map and further information

Information on the impact of the proposed scheme


What has been done so far?

During the initial planning application, over 600 letters of objection were submitted.  Just 30 were filed in support.  It is clear to us that the planners’ report failed to take into consideration a large number of relevant factors.  These included significant and detailed objections from groups such as Canoe Wales (who represent canoeists), Betws y Coed angling (who own the fishing rights), and Save the Conwy (us), each of which raised various concerns as to why the scheme should not be given approval.


How can I help?

Objections can be made to the National Park, the organisation responsible for looking after the area.

If you objected by letter before, you can reiterate your concerns, using the letter template below , please remember to add your own concerns.

Second objection template

If you have not previously objected to the scheme

Now is your chance. Our information on making a planning objection is here:

You can use the template letter below to get started, write about the parts of the project that concern you the most. Is it the environmental impact or the loss of kayaking, are you a local business owner concerned about the impact on tourism ?

New objection template

These emails or letters all need to go to Aled Lloyd (Head of Development Management)

As part of the scheme an application has been made to Natural Resources Wales to abstract water by means of a weir. They are holding a public consultation in the Waterloo Hotel in Betws y Coed on Thursday 12th November from 3-7pm.  Anyone is welcome to view the abstraction plans and ask questions at this event.  If you feel you can attend, then please do, and help us prevent the destruction of such and important area.

You could also sign a petition.  This petition, which gained over 3000 signatures in 10 days, can be accessed using the link below. – a shortened version for sharing can be used –

There is also a second petition for signatories without a UK postcode which can be found below.
In addition, you can use social media to ask questions to either NRW and / or the National Park:
Tweet @NatResWales – Natural Resources Wales

Tweet @VisitSnowdonia – Snowdonia National Park Authority

Facebook Natural Resources Wales

Finally, you can download and print out a poster to help raise awareness of the scheme in your place of work.

Save the Conwy Poster – PDF Download


Thank you for taking the time to read through this information. If you want to get in touch the best ways are through Facebook “Save the Conwy” and Twitter @SaveTheConwy